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NEW FORUM!  Finally, advancedspuds has it's own forum!  Check it out!
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Welcome to advancedspuds.com!  Let advancedspuds be your source of info for spudguns and spudgun related information!
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punishmentinwelfare fraud punishmentin virginia A spudgun or "potato gun" is a device used to launch potatoes or other produce hundreds of yards.  Many variations can be made on the simple concept of a basic launcher.  This site is an attempt to record my spud gun exploits and provide details of my launchers and any advanced concepts that may be hard to find elsewhere on the net.
My site features many upgrades and concepts, such as: stun gun ignition, different types of ignition, propane metering, various propane meter designs, breech loading, chamber fans, various barrels, propellants, spudgun silencers, valves, pneumatic designs and much more.  I am constantly updating, so there is always something new on the site.
Free potato gun plans are featured as well as many useful pictures and ideas to help you on your quest for the ultimate launcher.  Enjoy!
Be sure to check out the My Launchers section for Revolver X and many other unique launchers.  Also, please read my disclaimer before attempting to build a potato gun.